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Best of the best

Products – is a one stop sign shop with our own manufacturing facility, installation crew, and service crew.
REALLED.CA – is on the Canadian market of programmable digital LED signs, displays and billboards since 2008 and our key specialists have been in the field of electronic production for over 25 years.
Depending on the nature of your business, your sign location, and potential customers you are addressing with your messages – we will make sure you get the signage configuration of highest possible value for your money.
With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified installers, we offer sign installation services across Ontario.
If your old digital display stopped working properly and you cannot get help from the supplier you purchased it from – at we are not afraid of the possible challenges one may face fixing the electronic signs of unknown manufacturers.

Full range sign works

 If you are looking for the new signage solution that should incorporate multiple sign boxes including the digital LED display – we are happy to offer you the complete service for all your signage needs, starting from the city permits, concrete footing and steel posts and up to the high end sophisticated fully customized electronic LED sign or billboard.  

Our structural engineering team will work on the optimal structure design to provide you with the best value for your money.

Rental services

If you are hosting festival, concert, or any other event that requires a rental of backstage display of any kind or video wall of any size kind – feel free to contact our rentals department to get the solution that fits the best all your needs!

Outdoor Message Boards

Outdoor LED panels are manufactured to withstand extreme outdoor conditions such as large temperature variations, rain, snow and dust. Outdoor LED moving boards are brighter than indoor LED signs as they should be visible from afar (for example, from a fast moving car down the road). Outdoor electronic message boards are easily visible to people who drive past your business.
At RealLed you can find three types of indoor LED panels:
  • Single color signs (exist in red, yellow, green, white and blue)
  • Tri-color
  • Full color

Advantages from buying with RealLed

  • Quick and painless installation process
  • Superior craftsmanship and design
  • Highest quality components available to the market
  • Custom designs and sizes
  • All networking possibilities (Ethernet, wireless, internet)
  • Software with no licence fees
  • Current Time and Date display
  • “Sleep mode” brightness option to save energy
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 1 hour user training session

Mobile Digital billboards (LED trucks)

In our uncertain time being a small business owner became more challenging than ever before. One of the most important strengths we are offering to our customers – the versatility, flexibility and freedom. No matter if you are in the food industry or advertising/marketing business, no matter how great you are in what you are doing, the ability to be with your business and services in the right time at the right place plays tremendous role in your success. And this is exactly what you get with our mobile business solutions. We are capable to convert a regular cargo trailer to highly sophisticated mobile digital billboard, or to high end mobile kitchen equipped  as well as any restaurant kitchen you can think of. We are gladly sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers as we feel sincerely that helping the small and medium-size businesses to thrive – we help to protect good future for our kids, and their kids, and further!
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